About The Swizzle

Swizzle is secure service that helps you manage your inbox and communications with the brands in your life.

Swizzle Sweeper - Clean Up Your Inbox

The Swizzle Sweeper helps you easily and securely unsubscribe from emails you no longer wish to receive and roll up the emails you do want into an aggregated daily digest.

Swizzle Gallery - We Subscribe So You Don't Have To

Want to review deals and offers from brands you like without having to subscribe to another mailing list? The Swizzle Gallery showcases eamils from over a thousand brands. You can add brands to your daily digest without bulking up your inbox. The Daily Digest is one email each day containing as many brands as you like.

The Daily Digest - A Simple Email Digest

The Daily Digest is a customizable email digest featuring the latest news and offers from all the brands you like. You can include your own email in your Daily Digest by using the Swizzle Sweeper and you can add other brands to stay in touch with from the Swizzle Gallery.

Swizzle is a product of Keep Holdings. Keep Holdings aims to empower consumers and brands to better connect and engage. Our products focus on advertising, commercial email, and e-commerce with an emphasis on how the social web can bring brands and consumers together in newly productive ways.